2022 Top 5 Best Backyard Camping Tent (Buying Guide)

You may need to choose a camping vacation in your backyard rather than one in the great outdoors for various reasons. Whether it’s due to a circumstance beyond your control or just because you don’t have the time to go, you may still have a fantastic time camping in your backyard. We offer you the best option for best backyard camping tent.

For those who already own a tent for camping and who frequently use it for that purpose, you may indeed set up that tent in your garden if you so want. However, likely, this is not always the case. Those who don’t already have a tent may not want to invest a lot of money on one to spend a few nights in the backyard with their family. 

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Some people like something they won’t have to bother about taking down for a long, while others prefer something they will have to think about. Whatever your requirements are for a suitable tent for your backyard, you will discover some excellent choices here. 

While you’re camping in your backyard, you may want to engage in certain outdoor activities to make the experience as genuine as possible. 

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How Should You Prepare for Your Backyard Camping Trip? 

✔️ Construct a campsite

Select a section of the courtyard that is level and clear of branches. May use deck seats, coatings, and mats to dress up a living area. 

✔️ Prepare to set up your tent

Check to ensure that the tent stakes are in place. In the bedroom, you may use a paddle, an air mattress, or even sofa cushions. 

✔️ Get ready for the arrival of darkness

Around the campfire, you may try to make constellations, sing songs, or tell unique stories. Take particular caution while erecting a bed, especially if there are many youngsters in the tent. 

✔️ Make a plan for your meals in advance

Stick to items that are not perishable, or make sure you have enough ice packs on hand for secure food storage. 

✔️ Construct a safe fire pit or purchase one in advance of the event

If you don’t want to spend hours building a fire pit, you should get one before your backyard excursion at your local brick-and-mortar store or outdoor fitness shop. 

✔️ Arrange for some amusement and games

These are the ideal entertaining activities – a treasure hunt, a couple of daily rounds of golf, or a game of croquet.

Best Backyard Camping Tent – Top 6 Picks!


Best Backyard Camping Tent - Our Top Pick!

Product Name: Coleman Sundome Backyard Tent

Product Description: Coleman is well-known among buyers because of its high-quality goods that make backyard activities more enjoyable. This specific model has enough space to seat four persons comfortably. The Coleman Sundome tent has a free-standing construction, which means that you may set it up on the ground without any difficulty.

Brand: Coleman Sundome

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Value for Money


This four-person tent has a floor area of 63 square feet, which is big enough to house all of your camping goods while also ensuring that you sleep in supreme luxury while on the road.    Although the body of this model is constructed of highly durable polyester material, the continuous pole sleeves at the top make it exceptionally simple to assemble.    Another appealing aspect of the Coleman Sundom tent is its carrying bag, making it simpler to shop and transfer from one place to another when necessary.    You’ll also like the WaterTech system included with this camping tent. It effectively keeps water out when it rains due to the covered seams, tube-like flooring, and unique corner welds. It is also highly energy-efficient.


  • Made from very long-lasting materials. 
  • The installation process is quick and straightforward. 
  • Even when it is pouring hard, it keeps you dry and comfortable. 
  • It comes with a shipping bag to make it simpler to transfer.


  • Insufficient insulation for colder temperatures.


Playhouse Tent for Children in the Backyard

kids tent for backyard play and camping

The playhouse is yet another excellent camping tent for keeping your children occupied in your garden while you are away. Your child’s interest and imagination will be stimulated by the fantastic elements that have been included in the design. The product has adequate space to accommodate up to four children. 

It is quick and straightforward to put up is what consumers like the most about this tent. The flexible poles and the in-ground stakes, which are strong enough to keep it in the right place, make this feasible. 

In addition to having numerous entrances to make accessing the tent much more straightforward, the tent also features two big windows that can open completely to allow for sufficient air circulation. 

The maker provides a carrying bag that makes it easy to store items and move them from one location to another. Furthermore, the tent is constructed entirely of a double stitching to guarantee its long-term endurance. 

Because it has a long-lasting tarp flooring with waterproof characteristics, your children may efficiently utilize this tent outdoors even when it is raining. The waterproof flooring also makes it much easier to wipe up spills that might otherwise be difficult.

  • There are many entrances.
  • It is straightforward to put together.
  • Flooring that is resistant to water
  • Increases children’s ability to be imaginative and creative.
  • It comes with a shipping bag to make it easier to transport and store.
  • When confronted with high gusts, the strength of the poles may be increased.

The Vidalido 4 Season Teepee Tent

teepee tent for backyard camping or indoor use

If you are looking for the finest waterproof tent for your garden, you should have a look at the Vidalido dome tent by Coleman. 

This tent has enough space to accommodate a maximum of six people, making it an excellent option for you and your colleagues and family members. It’s also a perfect option for couples who wish to create a romantic atmosphere in their backyards. 

The most appealing aspect of this camping tent is that it is constructed of very long-lasting 190T polyester in conjunction with 150D oxford cloth. These materials have the unique capacity to resist heavy rain, strong winds, and ultraviolet radiation. 

In addition, the manufacturer adds reinforced steel poles with excellent antirust properties to ensure that the tent provides you with the most significant amount of support and helps increase your confidence. At the same time, you are exposed to severe weather conditions. 

One other noteworthy characteristic of the Vidalido camping tent is that the windows and doors are made of high-density nylon polyester mesh, allowing plenty of fresh air to flow inside the tent while also offering an astonishing view of the surrounding landscapes.

  • Poles made of steel that has been reinforced
  • Made with a long-lasting fabric
  • Installation is fast and straightforward.
  • Allows for sufficient air circulation and breathing room.
  • It comes with a shipping bag to make trip more handy.
  • Even though the tent is big enough to accommodate six people, there is no space for camping equipment.

Tough Automatic Pop-up Tent with Dual Doors

best tent for backyard camping with two doors

The Tough pop-up tent has risen to become one of the most popular models on the market due to the innovative features that it incorporates. The inside of this tent is spacious enough to accommodate about 2 or 3 people comfortably. 

This camping tent is so simple to put up is by far the most impressive feature. It will take you no more than sixty minutes to put this tent together. Lift its lid, and it will immediately start up and start working for you! The tent will instantly collapse if you press the pole ends together. 

A substantially durable non-stretch polyester fabric is used to build the flooring and the rainfly, resulting in an exterior that is both water- and weather-resistant for the shell and floor. 

You will get a good night’s sleep while you are camping in your garden since the inside of the tent is very ventilated. In addition, two doors have been installed to make entering and exiting the tent much more pleasant. 

  • There are two doors.
  • The setup is simple.
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Quality that is guaranteed
  • It draws attention to a fashionable design.
  • This location is ideal for a smaller family.

Clam Quick-Set Escape for Backyard Camping

screen tent for backyard camping

The Quick Set camp is one of the large tents found on the market, and it is pretty easy to set up. A total of 94 square feet of the internal area allows the tent to comfortably accommodate 6-8 people while also accommodating your camping table. 

The pop-up tent also has a center clearance height of 90 inches, allowing individuals to walk about the tent freely. 

When it comes to the roof center portion, the maker utilizes high-quality 120D poly – Oxford fabric and 50+ UV guard protection to provide you with the best possible protection from bugs and severe weather factors for the most significant amount of time feasible. 

In addition, triple-layer pockets are located in the tent’s corners to save wear and tear while also making the tent robust enough to resist severe weather conditions such as rain and high winds. It takes just 45 minutes to put up this tent, and it comes with a shipping bag to make moving around even more convenient. 

  • Setup of a pop-up window
  • A roof that is impervious to water
  • It comes with a shipping bag.
  • It has 50 plus UV guard protection built-in.
  • It is large enough to seat 6-8 persons comfortably.
  • It’s a little heavier at 34 lbs.

Hide N Slide Inflatable Tunnel Tents for Children and Babies

tunnel backyard camping tent for kids

The Hide N Side play tent is an excellent addition to your backyard since it contains a variety of entertaining activities that will provide your children with the ideal playhouse experience. 

It is made from an incredibly soft 190T polyester fabric, which ensures the product’s durability and the care of your kids while they are playing with it. It weighs just 5.3 pounds, making transporting and relocating it from one location to another straightforward. 

Three different play areas and three connected tunnels are included with the purchase of this product. You have the option of converting any segment into a fun ball pit with a maximum capacity of six hundred balls. 

The teepee-shaped section includes a bull’s eye target game that is held together using Velcro. May use middle square one for corn hole, and the last part has a basketball hoop for the children’s enjoyment. The pop-up design makes the installation procedure simple, taking just a few seconds. 

  • The steel structure is both strong and lightweight.
  • This game includes parts from other games.
  • Made from 190T polyester fabric, which is both sturdy and comfortable.
  • There are no balls added in the parcel.

Camping in the Backyard: Things to Do!

Among the numerous activities you may engage in while camping in your garden is: 

  • A popular pastime on the location is stargazing, although it is not always simple to identify the constellations that may be seen at night. Consider lying on your back in the yard on a deck or a blanket and gazing up at the stars. 
  • Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger hunts are the right way to pass the time before it gets dark. 
  • When sleeping outside, be prepared for a lot of rattling, tossing, and twisting. You want to be able to keep them out for as long as possible. If they’re still chilly, provide another blanket. If the sleeping bags are becoming too crowded, consider putting a mattress or cot on the patio. 
  • Create lawn games for children to play while camping in your backyard to turn it into an adventure playground. If you have a telescope, place it outside so that children will not hunger.

How to set a tent in your yard?

If you’re a seasoned camper, camping in your backyard will feel the same as conventional camping. Prepare for it by planning ahead of time, packing appropriately, setting up your campsite correctly, and doing all of the other things you would normally do while camping. 

If you’re new to camping or simply looking for some ideas on how to make camping in your backyard a success, then keep reading for more information. 

✔️ Prepare for it as if you were going on a real camping vacation. 

Camping is a lot of fun, and part of the pleasure is in the preparation. Of course, if you’re simply staying at home, you won’t be able to arrange day excursions and treks in the same manner. On the other hand, you may plan your meal and ensure you have the appropriate supplies on hand. Look out for some new recipes to test out over the campfire while you’re there.

Make sure you have enough marshmallows on hand. Make sure your blades are well-sharpen. Collect wood for the campfire if you have it. Prepare your lamp by charging it. And don’t forget to plan a few games and activities to keep the kids entertained while you’re relaxing in your backyard campground. 

✔️ Assemble your equipment. 

As previously said, camping at home does not need the purchase of a lot of expensive equipment. It is, nevertheless, beneficial to have a tent for the most enjoyable experience (although sleeping under the stars or a tarp can be just as magical). However, if you don’t have a tent or a tarp, you should consider borrowing or renting one from someone who does. 

Aside from a tent, you can get away with utilizing things from your home that you would typically use. May find alternatives to camping equipment on the backyard camping checklist. 

If you want to avoid continuously traveling in and out of the home or garage, consider collecting all of your equipment in one place before you begin setting up. You’ll almost certainly forget something, but that’s fine; you can simply go inside and get it. The sooner you can get away from your home, the more you’ll feel like you’re camping out in the great outdoors. 

✔️ Begin during the daylight hours. 

Establishing a camp throughout the day will allow you to get the most out of your home camping experience. Especially if it’s your first time, the sooner you start, the better! The extra time will allow you to acquire everything you need before you begin setting up your event.

Furthermore, the sooner you get your campsite ready, the more time you’ll have to enjoy all of the backyard camping activities you’ve planned. 

✔️  Set up your tent as though you were at camping spot. 

When putting up a tent at a campsite or in the wilderness, you should consider the location of your tent about its surroundings, and the effects of the environment and the elements. 

Here are some matters to think about: 

  • If you make a bonfire, where do you think the smoke is going to go? 
  • Close all of the portholes and gates in your home, position your tent away from the fire, and think about your neighbors.
  • Is it blowing in the opposite direction as the sun? Pitch your tent so that the entrance is facing away from the wind and away from the trees. 
  • What type of view do you have from your tent? Ideally, it would help if you positioned it such that it faces away from your home. This will assist you in forgetting that you are in your backyard! 
  • Where has the sun gone? Position your tent in a location that receives the most sunlight during the day to make the most of your time outside. If you’re the kind that gets up early in the morning, where will the sun be the first thing? 
  • Make room for games in your home. Save as much area as you can for playing games if at all feasible. Either a small patch of grass for active activities and sports or a place to relax and enjoy campfire games or board games while camping.
  • Install an extension lead if necessary. Suppose you have an outside extension lead; does it reach your camping location? Having some electricity is helpful if you don’t have camping lanterns, and you can even put up some lovely fairy lights! 

Prepare your dinner

If you’ve planned your home camping trip well, you should be able to prepare something delectable for you and your household while you’re there. Cooking together should be a social occasion. And, if at all feasible, include your children in as much of the preparation and cooking as they are capable of doing.

Alternatively, you may cook over a BBQ or grill if you have an authentic camping stove. In the absence of such resources, cooking over a campfire may be a lot of fun. 

Start a fire in the fireplace

It is impossible to be present at the moment until you are around a campfire as the light begins to fade. It seems as though a tiny sphere of darkness has formed around your modest encampment, with everything beyond it completely blacked out. You’ll forgive for believing you’re out camping in the middle of nowhere if you keep your gaze focused on the dancing flames in front of you. Enjoy the sense of isolation and keep the fire going to keep the sensation going as long as possible. 

If you don’t have a suitable location for a campfire, you may want to try building your fire pit ahead of time to save time. A fantastic method to make it using an old washing machine drum is shown here! 

Leave Gadgets

To fully experience the benefits of backyard camping, establish a vow with your camping buddies that you will leave all electronic gadgets at home while you are camping. Bring a good camera to capture your night beneath the stars, and instead of telling the world about it (through your phone), try telling the folks sitting next to you a tale about a previous experience.

Alternatively, maybe you have an idea for a future trip that you’d like to share with us. Now is the time to begin approaches and preparation while still taking time to appreciate what is right in front of you. 

Take advantage of the fresh air

In addition to providing all of the essentials of camping (pitching a tent, cooking, etc.), camping is also an excellent opportunity to relax and make use of everything your outdoor area has to offer. If it means watching the birds eat at the bird table, going on scavenger hunts throughout the garden, stargazing, or keeping an eye out for bats as they swoop for bugs at twilight, you’re in the right place! Backyard camping provides an opportunity to take it easy and pay attention.

Take advantage of the opportunity and soak up all of the soothing benefits that come with it. 

Final Words

While you are out shopping, you may come across many backyard tents that you can purchase. As evidenced by customer reviews, all of the tents we’ve listed in this article are of high quality. We hope that our comprehensive evaluation will assist you in identifying the fine backyard camping tent to meet your specific requirements and budget.

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