2022 top 5 Best Backyard Bluetooth Speakers (Buying Guide)

A best backyard bluetooth speakers for poolside enjoyment, one with enough power to fill the backyard with music for summer camping, or a sturdy speaker for summer camping can all be found in our collection of outdoor-friendly options. 

Portable Bluetooth speakers are one of the best appealing features of this technology; nevertheless, some models are more suited for outdoor usage than others. While a tiny Bluetooth speaker that works well in a bedroom or office may not be up to the task in your garden, a high-end Bluetooth speaker that looks and sounds fantastic in your living room may fall short if it’s left outdoors in the weather or inadvertently pushed to the ground. 

What to Look for?

As with any speaker, the sound feature is probably your most important factor when choosing one. Although you should consider the durability of an outdoor Bluetooth speaker and its capacity to withstand moisture and dust, you should also consider the sound quality that the speaker produces. Fortunately, like many other goods, most Bluetooth speakers are equip with an IP certification, which shows how robust and water- or dust-resistant the speaker is.

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In most cases, that rating will consist of two numbers, the first of which will indicate the degree of protection against dust and other foreign objects, and the second of which will indicate the level of moisture protection. Look for a grade that corresponds to the way and location you will be utilizing the speaker. A certification of IPX7 indicates that your outdoor speaker can withstand being submerge in water – and if you’re whatever like us, that’s anything you’ll appreciate. 

How We Made Our Decision? 

We relied on our own experience and expert evaluations from various reputable sources, including Best Products to choose these outdoor Bluetooth speakers. We also considered online consumer reviews, and we concentrated on items that have regularly received at least four stars out of five, with hundreds or thousands of reviews, on Amazon.com.

WONDERBOOM 2 Check Price
JBL FLIP 5 Check Price
Marshall Emberton Check Price
Tribit XSound Check Price
Hyperboom Check Price
Sonos Move Check Price
Marshall Stockwell II Check Price

Different Types of Bluetooth Speaker

The majority of Bluetooth speakers may be classified into one of four design types. Consider how you want to utilize the speaker before deciding on the optimal design for your needs. 

✔️  Bluetooth speakers for the home and office 

When compared to portable speakers, the sound quality of indoor Bluetooth speakers is superior. Large, high-quality indoor speakers may provide sound that is comparable to that produced by conventional wired speakers. Some indoor Bluetooth speakers are power by batteries, while an AC adaptor powers others. An AC converter is an excellent choice in the case of a Bluetooth speaker that will be used mainly at home and inside. If you choose the battery-powered alternative, you may carry the speaker outside if you so want. 

However, unless the speaker is expressly rated for weather protection, you should only use indoor speakers outside on a dry day. 

✔️  Bluetooth speakers for the outdoors 

Choosing a Bluetooth speaker that is weather resistant is essential if you want to take your speaker on a picnic or by the pool. To protect them from the elements, such speakers will equip with water- or weather-resistant characteristics. 

The size of specific outdoor speakers allows them to produce high-volume music while maintaining good battery life. 

Robust construction is also include on outdoor speakers, allowing you to easily pack the speaker in a bag and take it with you almost anywhere. 

✔️  Portable Bluetooth speakers 

Small and portable Bluetooth speakers are becoming more popular. Therefore, they are unable to provide high-quality audio. They have a difficult time dealing with heavy bass noises in particular. But if you don’t want to wear headphones, they’re excellent for strolling or bicycling about the neighborhood while listening to music. 

Small enough to attach to a backpack or belt, some portable speakers are very portable. 

Consider purchasing an outdoor-rated Bluetooth speaker if you want a portable device that also provides excellent music quality. It will most possibly be too big to attach to a backpack, but it will fit inside a bag and be able to withstand the rigors of a walk or bike ride. 

✔️  Bluetooth speakers with a unique design 

In the design of specific Bluetooth speakers, there is an emphasis on completing a particular job. Some shower heads, for example, are equip with small Bluetooth speakers that may insert into the head of the shower. To connect several Bluetooth speakers to a single source, you’ll need a speaker with this specific functionality built-in, which is not always the case. 

Some specialized Bluetooth speakers have the ability to charge their batteries as well. By connecting a USB connection to the speaker, you may charge another device, such as a smartphone, by drawing power from the speaker’s additional battery power storage.

Best Backyard Bluetooth Speakers – Top 7 Picks!


Best Backyard Bluetooth Speakers - Our Top Pick!

Product Name: Wireless Bluetooth Speaker WONDERBOOM 2 by Ultimate Ears

Product Description: Generally speaking, Ultimate Ears' Bluetooth speakers get favorable reviews across the board. Still, the Wonderboom 2 stands out for delivering tremendous sound in a compact and sturdy design that's appropriate for almost any scenario. The speaker is not only waterproof, but it also can float if it is dropped into a pool (rated IP67).


Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Compatibility


Its outdoor flexibility is further enhanced by the fact that you can connect two of the speakers for larger stereo sound. The speaker’s battery life is also impressive, lasting an incredible 13 hours before it has to be recharged. 

  • Waterproof and long-lasting 
  • Floats on the surface of the water 
  • Micro USB charging is becoming more sluggish.


JBL FLIP 5 Waterproof Outdoor Speaker

JBL’s Flip line of Bluetooth speakers has on the market for over a decade and has regularly been among the most highly recommended Bluetooth speakers throughout that period. As a result, the Flip 5 receives high praise from publications such as PCMag, What HiFi, and others for its robust, waterproof construction and excellent sound quality for a speaker of its size. 

There is no longer an AUX connect on the Flip 5 (although one is still available), and there is no longer a built-in microphone for loudspeaker conversations. However, there are many enhancements, like quicker USB-C charging and improved sound quality. The Flip 5 has an IPX7 certification, which means it is waterproof. 

  • The sound quality is excellent. 
  • Waterproof and long-lasting 
  • It lacks the aux-in and microphone present in the Flip 4.

Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Emberton is the company’s most minor and most inexpensive speaker and its most durable speaker. The Marshall Bluetooth speaker, although maybe not quite as eye-catching as some of the company’s other speakers, nevertheless has the company’s characteristic front grille and has a somewhat higher-end appearance than many other Bluetooth speakers in a comparable price range. 

Battery life of up to 20 hours is claim, which means you’ll be able to get a lot of usage out of the speaker between charges. A USB-C connection ensures that the speaker recharges quickly (Marshall receives 5 hours of playback from a 20-minute quick-charge). Additionally, it has an IPX7 water-resistant certification, making it an excellent choice for poolside use. 

  • Water-resistant and long-lasting 
  • Battery energy of up to 20 hours or more 
  • When compared to other options, such as the Flip 5, it is expensive.

Tribit XSound Go Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

It’s likely to spend hundreds of dollars on a portable Bluetooth speaker. Still, there are also lots of much more affordable choices if all you want is something essential and dependable to listen to music while you’re out and about. 

In addition to providing excellent sound for the price, the Tribit XSound Go’s robust, waterproof construction (IPX7) ensures that it will withstand being thrown about or sprayed with water without breaking down. Furthermore, the most current speaker version allows you to connect two of them to create stereo sound. This is a more practical choice given the speaker’s low price than some other speakers with comparable capabilities. 

  • Affordable 
  • Waterproof 
  • Charging using USB Type-C 
  • Pairing in stereo

 Hyperboom  Wireless Bluetooth Speaker from Ultimate Ears

Although the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a significant investment by Bluetooth speaker standards, it isn’t easy to match if you’re seeking a prominent, powerful speaker that will often use outside. Despite its IPX4 rating, it is water-resistant enough to withstand light rain or a few spilled beverages. Its sturdy shell also features a handle, which helps move the heavy 13-pound speaker around more superficial. 

Most significantly, our testing revealed that it produced excellent sound with lots of basses; an adaptive EQ function, which automatically adjusts the sound to fit your surroundings, also contributed to this conclusion. 

  • The sound is powerful and clean. 
  • Battery life of up to 24 hours 
  • Heavy 

Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker

The Sonos Move is a Bluetooth speaker at home in your living room as it is on your patio or poolside, unlike many other Bluetooth speakers intended to use mainly as portable or outdoor speakers. 

In addition to working flawlessly with an existing Sonos multi-room audio setup, it comes with a convenient charging base/stand that allows you to keep the speaker continuously charged inside so you don’t have to bother about constantly searching for a USB cord while you’re listening to music. Another feature that is becoming rarer these days is the inclusion of a changeable battery, which Sonos claims will provide up to 11 hours of playing time. 

It has an IP56 rating, which means it can withstand the humidity of your garden, just also the salt and sand of the beach. 

  • WiFi and Bluetooth connections are available
  • Integration with Sonos audio systems is seamless
  • Amazon Alexa is pre-install.
  • Expensive

2 Person Adjustable Hammock Bed Sorbus Double Hammock with Steel Stand

In addition to being some of the most distinctive-looking Bluetooth speakers available, Marshall’s guitar amp-inspired Bluetooth speakers are also some of the finest sounding. Given the company’s reputation, it is no surprise that they are also some of the best soundings. 

However, unlike some of the other outdoor speakers reviewed here, it is robust and water-resistant. It includes a comfortable carrying strap that makes it simple to take about with you wherever you go. Marshall also claims that a single charge would provide more than 20 hours of playing time, and a built-in battery display makes it simple to monitor how much power is left in the tank. Considering that the Stockwell has an IPX4 certification, the rare puddles are not a cause for concern. 

  • A guitar amplifier inspired the design. 
  • Exceptional sound 
  • Battery energy of up to 20 hours or more 
  • Water-resistant, though not wholly impenetrable

Why Should you use Bluetooth Speaker?

Regarding audio quality, a prominent wired speaker usually outperforms a small Bluetooth speaker consistently. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers have several benefits over wired speakers in various areas. 

✔️ Sound 

A dedicated audiophile will not enjoy the high-end music quality that they desire with a Bluetooth speaker. However, for many individuals, the sound quality provided by the amplifiers integrated into Bluetooth speakers is more than sufficient. 

✔️ Comfort

Bluetooth connectivity is one of the most straightforward methods of establishing a wireless connection. Put the two devices near one another and switch on Bluetooth, and the devices will automatically connect. 

✔️ Portability 

The mobility of Bluetooth speakers is one of their most appealing features. You can carry them with you everywhere, inside or out, and they will enable you to play music wherever you go without the need for cables. Bluetooth speakers may power by either a rechargeable battery or an AC adaptor. The addition of the battery increases their mobility even more. 

✔️ Connectivity 

Bluetooth speakers are capable of connecting to a wide range of various devices. May use a bluetooth speaker to connect a smartphone, MP3 player, laptop, or tablet to a wireless network. 

Because the speakers integrated into these devices are of low quality, adding a Bluetooth speaker significantly enhances the audio quality of these gadgets.

Suggestions when Using Bluetooth Speaker 

  • Many Bluetooth speakers come with a built-in battery that may use to charge other devices. This means that while you’re on the move, you may set your smartphone via the speaker. 
  • When using a Bluetooth speaker, the maximum connection range is about 33 feet. The whole connection range for a WiFi speaker is about 125 feet. 
  • Bluetooth and WiFi wireless connectivity options are available on specific speakers, while others only support Bluetooth. 
  • Bluetooth speakers intended for use at home need an AC adaptor plugged into a power outlet to function. 
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers are power by a battery, allowing them to take anywhere. Some speakers are available in both battery and plug-in configurations. 

Installing Outdoor Speakers with the Right Tools 

A few pieces of equipment and accessories are require for the installation of outdoor speakers. To make it easier for you, we’ve included a shortlist of the equipment you’ll need to see if you’re missing anything and to buy them at the same time as your outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Outdoor speakers are becoming more simple to set up these days. 

✔️  Drill 

Drilling holes in the wall for the screws and perhaps running the speaker wire through the wall are require to install your outdoor Bluetooth speaker brackets. An inexpensive cordless kit includes everything you’ll need to get start. Be aware that you may need a higher powerful electric drill and masonry drill bits for brick and mortar walls than you would typically use. 

✔️  Screwdriver 

It will be necessary to screw the bracket to the wall for it to work. This will need the use of a screwdriver. Purchasing a multi-bit screwdriver set is a good investment since it includes all of the bits you’ll need for most standard-sized screw heads. 

✔️  Pliers or a wire stripper

To install the speakers, you will need to cut and strip the speaker wire. This may accomplish using a powerful pair of scissors, but it is always preferable to use the proper instrument for the task. A couple of side cutter pliers equipped with a suitable cutter and stripper will perform the best. 

✔️  Spirit level

One thing that people often ignore is the significance of the spirit level. Consequently, when you take a step back to appreciate your job, you notice that the speaker is just a little bit wrong. Even if you believe the inaccuracy would go undetected, there is always that one visitor who sees and points out the mistake. As a result, before drilling holes for the speaker installation, make sure that the speaker is leveled correctly. 

✔️  Paint 

Ensure that you follow the product instruction booklet to paint your speakers to match your walls or décor. Use spray paint on speaker cabinets and grilles if you want them to look professional. Applying a paint primer first is preferable to avoid corrosion and guarantee that the paint adheres properly. The paint nozzle should be held about one foot away from the speaker grille while applying the paint. You want the color to be used gently not to clog up the speaker grille openings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Because of the static and poor sound quality produced by my Bluetooth speaker, I’d want to know why?

Bluetooth speakers have a maximum connection range of about 33 feet away from the audio signal source. As you get closer to 33 feet, the audio quality begins to deteriorate. When the speaker’s battery is getting close to being completely depleted, the sound quality may also suffer. Static may also occur if the battery is being charged while the music is being played. 

Q: Why are specific Bluetooth speakers referred to as water-resistant, while others are referred to as waterproof? 

A water-resistant speaker will withstand splashes and mild rain without breaking down. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is capable of withstanding complete submersion in water or hefty rainfall. May use the IP rating of a speaker to determine the degree of resistance it has. The dust-protection number is represented by the first digit of the two-digit IP number, while the second represents the water-protection number. From zero to nine, the greater the number, the better the level of protection. 

Q: What is causing my Bluetooth speaker to fail to connect with my smartphone? 

There may be a variety of various causes for this. First and foremost, make sure that Bluetooth capabilities are enabled on the smartphone. Remove a few Bluetooth connections from the smartphone if it already has a few active Bluetooth pairings. If that doesn’t work, you may try shutting off the devices and then turning them back on after a few minutes to force a factory reset. Last but not least, make sure that the batteries on both devices are fully charged. 

Q: Is it safe to use Bluetooth speakers in the open air? 

In dry outdoor circumstances, you may use any portable Bluetooth speaker without a problem. All you need to do is have it out of direct sunlight for long periods to prevent damage to the case from occurring. If you’re leaving to be using your Bluetooth speaker in rainy weather or near water, you’ll want to look for a model that’s water- or weather-resistant. 

Final Words

If you’re looking for wireless speakers for outdoor usage, you may find sorting through many available options challenging. Furthermore, for those of you who are audiophiles, many solo Bluetooth devices are just not up to the task of sound quality. As a result, if audio performance is important to you, you should search for an amplifier that has a Bluetooth connection in addition to other features. 

It has been suggested that you look into some excellent 2-way and 3-way speakers that are well-suited for outdoor installation and provide more defined sounds. Some of the most advanced protection methods from the elements are remarkable, and some give much greater protection than others. The quantity of security you need will vary depending on the size of your outside space and the climate in which you reside. 

The process of selecting a set that is appropriate for you should be pretty straightforward if you keep in mind that it is essential to plan your setup so that you are aware of your requirements before you purchase and that you own all of the necessary information from our purchasing guide in mind.

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